Friday, May 6, 2011

Fleet Tracking with Navman Wireless

Navman wireless has been providing innovative tracking and navigation solutions since 1987. Today Navman, as a worldwide competitor, continues to demonstrates why they’ve been so successful with the launch of products like the M-Nav 760 (vehicle navigation), the Qube (vehicle tracking), and the brain behind all of Navman Wireless' tracking, two-way messaging and navigation products, the award winning OnlineAVL2.

Online OnlineAVL2 allows complete access to every aspect of a fleet in real time and all on one screen. The robustness of this proprietary tool clip_image001allows one to dissect data and analyze trends to better manage a fleet and mobile assets. The data collected, which Navman calls “Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence”, can increase profit potential by reducing cost, eliminating wasted effort, and improving customer service.

The Navman Wireless tracking solution works like this:

1. A dependable onboard device named The Qube is discreetly installed in the vehicle. The Qube is typically secured under the dash and out of sight. Using GPS technology the Qube tracks a vehicle in your fleet and reports real-time data to OnlineAVL2 through cellular data communications. The Qube is not only hidden but is also tamper-proof with a back-up battery and built-in motion sensor. The Qube can be used stand-alone as a tracking tool, or add Navman Wireless two-way messaging and navigation for a complete solution.

2. On your PC, using OnlineAVL2, display and report data on both on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment in real time to confirm deliveries and maximize operator productivity. Set up customized real-time notifications for events such as geofence entry/exit, excessive speeding and idling time. Report gathered information in a multitude of ways, from in-depth reports to executive summaries. Expose inefficiencies from fuel waste, inappropriate use and unnecessary payroll hours.

3. Navigation and messaging can be aded with the M-Nav 760. The M-Nav 760 is an in-cab terminal that facilitates not only fleet tracking, but also two-way messaging and business navigation. Used in combination with OnlineAVL2, dispatchers can push out turn-by-turn directions and job details to vehicles. In addition, the M-Nav 760 identifies the closest, best-equipped vehicle for the task at hand. M-Nav 760 also reduces driver distraction from mobile phones and maps, and can provide audio directions, notifications about traffic issues, delivery confirmations and move drivers on to their next jobs without lag time.

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