Monday, September 14, 2009

Processing Interior scans with EdgeWise

Extracting edges from EdgeWise, a software developed by ClearEdge 3D has proved to be a very user friendly application for extracting 3D polygons and edges from a point cloud. A process I was able to learn in little less than an hour during a web conference with Kevin Williams, of ClearEdge 3D.

In the small example below I started by importing a PTX file that was exported from Topcon’s ScanMaster software. The scan originated from a Topcon GLS-1000 laser scanner.

The Edgewise software leads the user through approximately seven easy steps:

  1. Import the Scan (PTX)
  2. Locate the scanner (assign X,Y,Z values if needed)
  3. Index the point cloud.
  4. Extract the ground surface (if needed)
  5. Classify the surfaces (two stages: Initial and Final)
  6. Extract the edges
  7. Export to DXF file

imageScan data as imported from PTX scan file. The scanner location is confirmed and the points are indexed.

imageThe Initial Classification.

imageThe Final Classification.

image Extracted edges and surfaces are calculated.

image The model is exported to CAD or SketchUp in a DXF format.

imageFinal modeling and texturing can be completed in the modeling software of choice. (Google SketchUp pictured above)

Scan data captured with Topcon’s GLS-1000 , using precise scan technology. The GLS-1000 is an ideal product for capturing clean point cloud data for EdgeWise.

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