Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Configuring the Topcon FC-25/25A (Getac PS535F) GPS for Use with i-Tree Streets


Topcon FC-25/25A is a pocket-sized, lightweight body with exceptional ruggedness. Conforming to the MIL standard and IP65 dust/water protection.

Features include:

  • Windows Mobile® 6.5
  • Embedded 20 Channel GPS Receiver
  • WLAN/Bluetooth® Wireless
  • 533MHz CPU / 256MB SDRAM
  • Field-exchangeable Li-ion Battery
  • Rugged and Lightweight (11.3 oz.)
  • IP65 Dust/Water Protection
  • FC-25A also with Built-in Camera, Compass, and Altimeter

i-Tree is a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service that provides urban forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools. i-Tree Tools are in the public domain and are freely accessible.

To access i-Tree tools you will have to create a Username and Password and download the installation software


Setup the FC-25:

1. Select the Start icon clip_image004

2. Select Settings clip_image006

3. Select System clip_image008

4. Select External GPS clip_image010

5. Set Hardware to COM2, 4800


6. Set Programs to COM4


7. Select clip_image016

Configure i-Tree Streets

1. Connect FC-25 to PC via Active Sync or Mobile Device Center

2. On the PC install and launch i-Tree Tools Streets module


3. Open the Sample Project


4. Save the Project to a desired location and rename.


5. Open the saved Project.


6. Select Input>Data Fields


7. Check the GPS Lat/Long box clip_image030 and Select clip_image032 (this must be checked to activate GPS)

8. Select Tools > Work with PDA


9. If there is no Application Version shown select clip_image036. After installing select clip_image038 to send the i-Tree project to the FC-25.


10. Select clip_image042

11. Select File > Exit


12. On the FC-25 launch i-Tree Streets clip_image046from the Start clip_image004[1] Menu.

13. Select clip_image048 icon.

14. Select COM4, 4800, none, 8, one,. Use GPS API (WM5+)

15. clip_image050

16. Select clip_image052, no need to Test GPS.

17. Select clip_image054.

18. Select the clip_image056 tab.

19. Select the clip_image058 button. If all settings are good, you should see the Acquiring signal… message in the bottom Box. Once the GPS is acquired, the data fields will populate allowing capture of the positional data.


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