Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Downloading Topcon GR-3 Static Files

After completing a static survey, download data files to a computer for storage, post—processing, or backup. Also, the receiver memory holds a finite amount of files and information, so downloading data prevents files from being lost. PC-CDU and Topcon Link both provide file managers to download files from the receiver to your computer, and to delete files from the receiver.

Connecting the Receiver and a Computer

Make sure the computer has the TPS USB driver installed and that the USB option is enabled.

1. Use the USB cable; connect the USB port of the computer to the receiver’s USB port.

2. Press the power buttons on the receiver and computer to turn them on.

Downloading Files via Topcon Link

Topcon Link provides two options for downloading files from a receiver: via Windows® Explorer or via the Topcon Link interface.

Before you can download files, you must connect your receiver and computer.

...Using Windows Explorer

Perform the following to download files using Windows Explorer:

 1. Connect your receiver and computer.

2. Open Windows Explorer and click the Topcon Receiver folder.image

The right panel of the window displays the automatic start of searching for Topcon receivers connected to any of the computer ports (COM and USB).

clip_image005When finished, all receivers connected to the computer ports display.

3. To stop searching for receivers when the receiver has been found, click Stop. Only the discovered receivers display.

4. To update information about the receivers connected to the computer port, click Search for connected receivers.

5. To view information about the receiver (Figure 10), right-click the receiver, and select the Properties option.

6. To view the raw file, click on the receiver.

7. To import the file(s) from the receiver to a folder, select the file(s), and copy to the folder using drag-and-drop method.

clip_image008Using Topcon LINK

Perform the following to download files using Topcon Link:

1. Connect your receiver and computer.

clip_image0102. Launch Topcon Link; click the Import from Device button on the Toolbar.

3. From the left panel of the Import from Device dialog box. Double-click Topcon Receivers.

4. To view information about the receiver, right-click the receiver and select the Properties option

clip_image0155. In the right panel of the Import From Device window, navigate to and select, or create, a folder to save the files.

clip_image0176. To view the collected raw tile, double click (or click Select in the pop-up menu) the receiver. To import the file(s) from the receiver to the computer and to save in the selected folder, highlight the file(s) and click the double arrows

7. The import in progress displays

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