Monday, June 14, 2010

TopSURV Kinematic Configurations

The following example configuration will allow Kinematic Data Collection using Topcon TopSURV data collection software:  

image image Add a new configuration called GR-3 Kinematic (This configuration is of course intended for a GR-3 receiver)

image image Set the logging rate to the desired rate. This should be equal too or less than the rate on the Base station. The Logging Rate also dictates the epoch count.

image image

Selecting User Defined as the File Name allows you to name your static/kinematic files instead of the default Topcon timestamp.

image image

Occupation time is simply a suggested occupation time based on the number of Satellite Vehicles and the antennas  frequency capability. The Number of ephocs dictates the length of each observations. If the logging rate is set at 5.0 and the Number of Epochs is set at 12 then the total occupation time would be: 5X12=60 seconds.

image image image image

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