Monday, August 15, 2011

Uploading Field Scan Files Into Image Master


1. Launch the Topcon application “Image Master” or “Image Master for IS”

2. Select Coordinate System from the Setup menu and select radio button for Surveying


3. Select Unit fro the Setup menu and select the unit of your survey


4. Select New Project from the File menu


5. Name the project and browse to the desired directory, select OKimage_thumb[26]

6. To import the Field Scan file select File >Import>TopSURV Scanning File


7. Browse into the previously downloaded Field Scan folder from the IS (this folder will have the project name).


8. Browse into the folder with the scan name; Select the “.fsn” file in that folder to Open.


9. You should now see a point cloud, if any, and an image list. Repeat for each scanimage_thumb[28]

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